Our Architect – Tim Ronalds

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Converting old auditoriums into modern live venues is a very specialist discipline. Experience is essential. Tim Ronalds, our architect, has deep knowledge of adapting such buildings and overcoming the problems … Read More

A Fascinating Challenge

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The Bradford Live team have paid repeated visits to the Odeon over the past weeks, studying the building in detail in preparation for the final stage 3 submission later this … Read More

Team Mechanics

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In an earlier blog, we met our architect, Tim Ronalds. Tim has worked closely with Peter Angier for many years on many different projects. Peter, from the firm, Carr and … Read More


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Our team has been working for over three years on our plan for the Bradford Odeon. For much of that time, because of the political sensitivity of the Odeon building, … Read More

Operator news

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Very good meeting today with potential operator partner. They know their stuff and have done their homework. More work to do but optimistic.